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Alpha Gas and Electric is a licensed ESCO (Energy Service Company) in: New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.


Alpha Gas and Electric supplies gas and electricity to homes and businesses across the country. We supply the actual energy that your local utility will still always deliver to you. You are not leaving your utility, they will still service your energy lines and you will still only receive one bill for energy that comes directly from them. Learn why tens of thousands of clients across the country have chosen Alpha for their energy supply! Here are a few of the benefits of becoming an Alpha client:

Take FULL advantage of energy deregulation laws in your area. You get to stay with your utility who will still send you just one energy bill, service your lines and deliver your energy. All this while you get the perks of getting to shop for energy rates from a licensed supplier like Alpha Gas and Electric.
Choose between fixed-rate plans that are guaranteed not to increase even during the freezing cold of winter or the sweltering heat of summer. Or, if you prefer, you can choose market-ready rates. The choice is yours!
Enjoy a FREE month of energy supply every year – you even get to pick the bill you want refunded!
Choose an eco-conscious energy provider. Power your needs with a mindful approach to energy consumption for a greener planet.
Family-owned business prioritizing exceptional customer service, exclusive perks, and more. Deal with real people just like you, not an energy conglomerate.
Contribute to charity with every bill—making a positive impact every month.
Zero cancellation fees — commitment without constraints.
Join tens of thousands of satisfied businesses and residential customers across the country

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Residential Clients:

Experience Alpha’s Fixed Rate plans with a GUARANTEED Price Protected Energy Rate for a solid two years—no increases, ever! Or opt for our variable rate plans based on market conditions. Get a FREE month of energy supply every year by having any one supply bill refunded back to you. You get to choose! Price assurance, a free month of energy supply every year and NO CANCELLATION FEES for residential customers.

Commercial Clients & Consultants:

For commercial and industrial clients, Alpha offers custom pricing, real-time energy analysis, and dedicated account management. Our competitive pricing is tailored to each property’s energy needs. Experience white-glove service and razor-sharp pricing, providing the best of both worlds. Alpha’s expert team ensures a seamless deal tailored to clients’ needs. Join our satisfied clients nationwide—contact us now!

You Have a Choice! Join Alpha Gas and Electric Today! No Rate Hike Plans – FREE MONTH OF ENERGY SUPPLY! – No Cancellation Fees!