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Q: Who is Alpha Gas and Electric?

A: Alpha Gas and Electric (AG&E) is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) registered with the Public Service Commission to offer you competitive rates on your electric and natural gas service.

Q: How will using AG&E’s service save me money?

A: You will save money by paying lower rates for the same electricity and natural gas you use now.

Q: How can AG&E offer better rates than my regular utility company?

A: That’s the beauty of competition! AG&E competes to offer you the most value for your energy dollar.

Q: Don’t I have to buy my gas and electricity from the utility company that owns the lines?

A: No. By law you now have a choice of whom to buy your power from.

Q: If I buy from AG&E will I need to pay for new lines and wires?

A: No. Your lines and wires will not be changed or touched. We deliver your power through the existing lines.

Q: What happens if something breaks? Will the company who owns the lines still fix it?

A: Yes. They will continue to provide you with the same service.

Q: Will I get a bill from AG&E?

A: No. You will continue to receive your regular bill, but it will have AG&E’s lower rates on it.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just follow our 1-2-3 online signup steps. Or if you like you can call us at 888-6-ENERGY.

Q: Are there any fees to sign up with AG&E?

A: No. We will never charge you any sign-up fees, cancellation fees or any other kind of fees.

Q: Am I locked in to a long term contract?

A: No. You have no commitment at all. You may cancel at any time with no penalty whatsoever.

Q: Once I enroll how long will it take for my lower rates to take effect?

A: You will usually see your lower rates within 2 billing cycles.

Q: Why would someone NOT sign up for AG&E’s great lower rates?

A: There’s no reason at all! You have nothing to lose except your high bills.

Stop paying higher rates- get started saving today!